Bali Nice Diving

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- Dive Trip - Sanur -

This easy dive site highlights cool marine life: Trumpetfish, Pufferfish, Porcupinefish, and yellow polka-dot sweetlips, Ocean dwelling silverfish, Lionfish, Clown fish, Sea snakes, and Moray eels, hard and soft corals. Sanur is also good for the Discovery dive and good for dive course too.

Sanur diving:

  • Diver experience level: All levels
  • Start time: 8:00am-12:00pm – really convenient!
  • Dive site access: Boat
  • Marine conditions: reef house
  • Visibility: 8-15m
  • Current: depends on the tide
  • Depth: 10m (30 feet)
  • Temperature: 28 degrees