Bali Nice Diving

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- Dive Trip - Tulamben -

U.A.S.T. Liberty Shipwreck is one of the beautiful historic Shipwreck from World War II. It is the most Popular dive site in Bali. The Ship is already blended with a lot of Algae, hard corals, soft corals and also become the house of the fishes around.

Tulamben has many special dive sites for Macro and super macro Photography lovers. There are a lot of Nudibranch, Shrimp, Crabs, and tiny frog fish, baby cuttlefish, squid and other kind of tiny objects.

  • Diver experience level: All level (good for snorkeling too)
  • Start time: 7am to 6pm – A scenic two-hour drive from Sanur
  • Dive site access: Shore
  • Marine conditions: wreck, photography, macro, deep, shallow – something for ALL
  • Current: no current to moderate
  • Depth: 6m- 40m
  • Temperature: 26-30 degrees